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This is my Dear Santa placeholder so I can get the link. Update to come shortly.  Fandoms and the basic info from my signup are here.  Tomorrow I will give more detail because I just spent two hours reading other people's letters and I'm beat.  UPDATED!  There is a lot of fandom squee beneath the cut.  Fandoms are Dark Matter, Killjoys, The Librarians, Hansel and Gretel and Endeavour.
Fandoms ):

Dark Matter
Two | Portia Lin
Five | Das
Six | Griffin Jones
The Android (Dark Matter)

You do not have to use all of my tagged characters!
Pairing preferences: Two/Android, Two/Five/Six (and any combination)

I love Dark Matter.  This show has so many people and tropes that I love.  Kick ass women and geeky women and Zoie Palmer and Roger Cross and found families and memory loss and and and!  So. Much. LOVE.  But!  You want something a little more substantial than that.

As I said above, I ship Two/Android (and did since like episode 3) but also Two/Five/Six and all the parts of that.  Not as much Five/Six on their own, but I think that's just because on their own, Six gives off weird brotherly vibes.  Which is hilarious because I don't usually have issues with incest pairings.  So, if you want to write Five/Six, go for it!

I like that Two and the Android are going through what amounts to opposite problems: Two just found out that she's not exactly human and having to deal with that and the Android finding out that maybe she's a little too human.  Maybe the Android has some sort of programming that makes her proposition the captain of the ship but Two really does have feelings for her and angst?  Two has always been the one most willing to stick her neck out for the Android.  I love that Two has treated the Android as an essential part of the crew since day one and not just because the Android works better with the ship.  Although Two does love the Raza so i wouldn't be opposed to something a little porny that starts with the Android showing Two ways to control the ship.  That said, this doesn't have to be porny.  I am totally okay with mutual or unrequited pining or even just bonding.

And then there's my little dysfunctional OT3.  Two and Six clearly have some protective feelings about Six.  Nobody messes with their girl and gets away with it.  But Five also reacts differently to the both of them being mercenaries and killers.  Five is kind of freaked out (and maybe a little turned on?) by Two going all ninja badass at various times (especially that first time at the space station).  But I don't recall her ever saying much about Six doing the same thing.  I'd be okay with something from both or either Two or Six's POV kind of contrasting that and maybe both realising that they have feelings for Five.  Bonus points for them being okay with that.  While I do love two sides of an OT3 seducing their third, that doesn't really feel right here.  That said, if you think you can convince me otherwise, then go for it!  I'd also be cool with the three of them going off and doing their own thing and Five hopelessly turned on by Two and Six.  (See, that's a way I can see them seducing her.)

And then there's the finale!  So many feels about the finale!  Wanna do an established relationship with the OT3 and Two and Five dealing with that massive betrayal?  Go for it!  I don't require a happy ending.

Note: as far as the other three are concerned, I like Three okay, I'm indifferent to Four and I loathe One with an all consuming passion.  Use them as you see fit.  I'm also okay with background Three/One especially if it's hate sex related.  I can't figure out if Four is possibly ace or just that zen, so I'd prefer you leave him to his swords and grumpiness.

Johnny Jaqobis
Dutch (Killjoys)
Pree (Killjoys)
Delle Seyah Kendry

You do not have to use all of my tagged characters!
 Pairing Preferences: Dutch/Delle, Johnny/Pree
I would love to see one of the three things: either of the pairings listed above or Dutch and Johnny acting like the siblings they are.  I have super mixed feelings about D'avin right now so I'd prefer he stay on his own.  I think my problem with him is I saw the previews for Killjoys and it looked like it was going to be an awesome OT3 show and then it wasn't.  But the show made up for it by giving me Delle Seyah and Pree.  So, the only way I'd like to see Johnny and Dutch in bed is like they were when Johnny was reading the comic book to Dutch.  That was adorable!

I love the femslashy vibes we're getting from Delle Seyah.  I love that Dutch is clearly attracted to her but hates that she is.  I would *love* to see some kind of power struggle in the bedroom between them.  One of my big kinks is shoving each other against the wall kind of power play where you really don't know who will end up on top but you know it's gonna be hot either way.  Totally okay with however kinky you wanna get with these girls.  Totally okay with Porn with a little plot or PWP.  I also don't require porn.  If you want to have some kind of mission fic where Delle Seyah thinks she has Dutch's number and they're totally gonna fuck and Dutch pulls a fast one on her and leaves her hot and bothered, I am 110% behind that.  Hell, I'm also cool with that the other way round.  This is one of those pairings where I'm also okay with a third (possibly unnamed, but you can name her) female being used to make the other half jealous.  Maybe Dutch agrees to go to Delle Seyah's bedroom but on the condition that Delle Seyah can't touch, only a proxy can.  Seriously, however kinky or mind gamey you want to make this.  Dub con to hell yeah is okay, just don't go straight out non con simply because it doesn't feel right for these characters.  They want each other begging and non con would take away from that.

As far as Johnny and Pree are concerned, I see them softer and sweeter.  Pree flirts like hell with everyone but Johnny is definitely his favourite.  I actually got some innocent vibes from Johnny.  Maybe he's been so obsessed with finding his brother, he never really took time to get laid.  Now that he's found D'avin, he's starting to explore his tastes a bit more.  I don't remember if Pree ever actually said he had a history of sex work, but since he kind of has a brothel above his bar, I can see it.  Maybe there's an experience gap there that Johnny is kind of nervous of and Pree reads that as disapproval.  I love the idea of them pining away for eight years or however long Johnny has been with Dutch and just now doing something about it.  That said, when Johnny was with Alvis and the self flagellation was brought up, Johnny almost looked a little turned on despite himself.  I'm not sure if it was the religious aspects that were getting him excited or the implied sexual stuff, but I would love to see him going to Pree all embarrassed by these weird kinks he's found in himself and wanting to explore.

Bonus points and some brownies if you can find a way to fit both pairings in as well as Dutch and Johnny having a sibling moment when they come back from their respective lovers and knowing they're both in so far over their heads and bonding.  But that would be a long fic and way above and beyond.

All of that implies that I basically since the two of them banging like bunnies and I feel kind of bad for asking for nothing but porn so do know that I will be over the moon with anything with any of these babies.

The Librarians
Jake Stone
Jenkins (The Librarians)

So, I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one in the world who ships these two together, but I love them and I love them being snarky to each other.  While I would really love to see something between them, I'm also cool with a story that just features the two of them.

I went into this show thinking it would be a lot like Leverage and I was going to ship Eliot Jake as the grumpy side of an OT3.  Boy was I wrong.  I love that he's not a carbon copy from Leverage with a different name.  I love that he's an art history guy who brawls instead of knowing that distinctive walk that Navy SEALs have.  I like that he doesn't trust Cassandra even if he is starting to grudgingly like her.

I like to think that he and Jenkins really started to bond when Jake basically moved himself into the Annex because there was so much knowledge and Jenkins respecting that thirst.  Of course, in my headcanon they barely spoke for the first bit and just sort of drifted around each other.  Someone else mentioned in their letter the idea of Jake still writing articles and maybe even a book on Library stuff and I *love* that idea, especially if Jenkins helps him keep the magic out.  But I also think either Jake noticed that Jenkins doesn't take care of himself or maybe Jenkins noticed the same about Jake OR...OR OR OR...they noticed that about each other and each turned mother hen and started looking out for the other while being "oh, but I'm good, no YOU need to eat, I'm taking care of YOU, dammit!"  I can see them getting frustrated with each other and storming off, but taking whatever the other brought for them.  I can see Jake coming back from a mission all beat up but not admitting it and Jenkins finding him and just taking over the bandaging.  And now Jake trusts someone and when the hell did that happen?  All the while, Jenkins is kicking himself for falling for a Librarian.  WTF?!?  That's what Guardians do, not Jenkins.

So, yeah.  I just want the two of them being grumpy and snarky and totally falling for each other but not wanting to admit it.  I'm good with angst, H/C and quiet POV.  I don't really want any kind of dub con and definitely no non con for these guys.  I'm okay with dark fic in the sense that something really bad happens to one of them, but not dark fic between them.  And, if you just can't ship them, then them being grumpy and snarky and becoming really good friends is good too.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

My little poly heart goes all a-pitter with these three.  I can see them as either an OT3 or a vee with really anyone at the point (so, any combination of the three, just not at the same time).  Because this does involve an incest pairing, more than okay if you can't do the OT3 part.

Fandoms like this where siblings had only each other since a young age turn shippy for me really really fast.  But I know that squicks a lot of people just as fast.  So if you need to take one of the siblings out (not dead, obviously, just not in the story) because of that squick, totally okay.

So, you have the siblings.  As whatever they are that works for you.  And then you throw in Ben.  Ben who seemed to have a crush on both of them but just got more screen time with Gretel.  I think he hero worships them and has that celebrity crush on both of them and has been jacking off to thoughts of them since he hit puberty.  And now he gets to be with them!

If you want to go full OT3, I can totally see Hansel and Gretel getting it on and Ben basically walks in on them and is totally turned on because there are both his childhood crushes together!  Naked!  And just as gorgeous and scarred as he always imagined.  And then they invite him in because they don't know how to not have someone as part of their mini family who isn't also in their bed.  At least anyone human.  Not Edward.  Ugh.  I just squicked myself a little with that thought.  No offense if you ship Edward in any part of this.  Anyway.  If you want to do porn or Ben's fantasy and not much plot, I'm okay with that.  But I would love them talking about it and the siblings knowing that society doesn't approve of their relationship but getting Ben's (enthusiastic) approval adds to their attraction to him.

If you can't do the incest thing, then Ben being the apex of a vee is good too.  Hansel and Gretel share everything they have, why not Ben?  Maybe Ben floats between their beds but they both teach him in their own way.  Hansel teaches him the guns and how to make them while Gretel teaches him magic theory and how to punch someone.  And then Gretel and Ben both laugh at Hansel when he gets himself stuck in a tree again because he just can't let a witch fly away on her broom.  He just *has* to grab on.

Basically, I want to see how they incorporate Ben into their family.  Include Edward in anything except the bedroom.

Endeavour Morse
Peter Jakes

This one is so hard because of how they left us at the end of S2.  I do ship the boys together, though not in a happily-ever-after kind of way.  If you are okay going shippy with them, I'd love to see either guilty pleasure/hate sex pre 404 or some kind of comfort thing post 404 with a handwave as to how Morse got out of his predicament.  If you're not okay with them as a pairing, then really anything with the two of them coming to terms with each other.  Maybe an introspective piece.

I started shipping the boys around 401 when Morse came back from County and Jakes got that grouchy jealous face like daddy Thursday had his favourite and he was pissed it wasn't him.  But he was also pissed because he wanted a chance to impress Morse with how awesome Jakes was and didn't get a chance.  I'm also okay with both boys pining after Thursday and knowing that will never happen and taking comfort with each other.  Jakes has always read to me as internally homophobic but gay as hell.  With the big child abuse reveal in 404, I can see the internalised homophobia as being both a product of his time AND thinking he secretly wanted everything he got as a boy.  Obviously, I despise seeing that sort of thing in RL, but I'm a total sucker for some H/C fic dealing with it.

I read Morse as being pansexual.  He doesn't care what you look like under your clothes; if he connects with you on any kind of level, he kinda wants to tap that.  I also see him as poly.  Because of the time period, though, if you do put him with Jakes, please either leave Monica out completely or give me a throwaway line that they've broken up.  As much as I would love her to be okay with Morse having his thing with Jakes on the side, I just don't see it being time period accurate.

The only specific thing that comes to mind for these guys is maybe Morse trying to be comforting to Jakes and Jakes wanting to top Morse to a) finally be better, b) prove to himself that he can be the one fucking (again, tied to that internalised homophobia), or c) both and a little bit of his own frustration.

Unfortunately, I'm not a lot of help with this one.  If this is what we matched on and you need a bit more, feel free to either leave me an anon comment or have the mods contact me for some prompts.  But whatever you come up with, whether it's shippy or just the two of them learning to at least not hate each other, I think it'll be awesome.

Mission Impossible: Movies
William Brandt
Benji Dunn

Full disclosure: I haven't seen the latest movie.  I really want to, but it has not been in the budget yet.  But!  Don't let that stop you from incorporating something from the latest movie.  Just leave a note in the author's notes so I can make sure that I at least rent it from Amazon Prime before I read your fic.  Also haven't seen MI...what is it? 3?  Whichever one Benji shows up in the franchise for.  Not gonna lie: I watched Ghost Protocol for Jeremy Renner.  Again, if you rely heavily on something from the first movie, just leave a note so I can rent it on Prime real fast.  Hell, I may do that before reveals anyway.
That said, totally ship them.  I love the banter between the entire team but I know how hard it is to come up with a background mission and incorporate extra characters.  So I'm cool with either a get together fic that's away from the mission (or post mission with random vague references) or some sort of side mission with just the two of them.  I just want the boys being dorky with each other.

So Brandt is in that weird field operative/analyst position that is so much fun to play with.  I could totally believe that he understands every complex thing that comes out of Benji's mouth but just plays stupid to see Benji get flustered and try to explain it to him again.  On the flip side, I can see Benji totally able to take care of himself but really liking when Brandt goes all protective of him because Brandt looks hot being a badass.  As much as I like porn, I also love the thought of a quiet night in.  Maybe Brandt has his glasses on and is being all brainy analyst and putting together this super complex file for the team and Benji just starts throwing paper clips at him to see him be a badass and block them with his pencil.  I also love some H/C between them.  Don't care who does which or even if they're both hurt and both doing the comfort.  But I can see Brandt having some flashbacks and going all growly protective when he thinks Benji was hurt, especially if Brandt feels he failed Benji in any way.

As for the rest of the team: I really don't like Ethan.  I'm pretty sure it's me projecting my dislike of Tom Cruise onto the character but I don't care.  Please use him sparingly.  I wanted to like Jane but she was flat.  She fell prey to the action movie badass female problems.  She was in love with the guy who was killed and then turned cold hearted bitch.  But I have faith in you, dear writer.  I bet you could make her interesting with some throwaway lines.  Basically, if you need someone else from the team for a plot device, I'd rather it be Jane.  Unless it's Brandt being pissed at Ethan for letting someone hurt Benji.  That would totally be Ethan.

Additional note: I am also okay with the trope that says everyone Jeremy Renner has ever played is Clint Barton undercover.  If you want to do a subtle MCU crossover, that's cool.  For the sake of the challenge, though, definitely keep it minimal.  But inside jokes and easter eggs make me giggle.
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I'm stupidly excited right now. I've submitted my short story for the Writer's Workshop at ArmadilloCon and reserved the hotel and put in my time off request. Is it July yet?

I also got my two matches (two!) for [community profile] pod_together and am super excited about both of those.  Just haven't responded to either email yet because my response would be pretty useless.  Gonna do that tonight when I get home from work.

Getting back into fandom has definitely put a pep in my step.

So, I just finished season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. Can I just say, OMFG?!? Where the hell is season 4? I haven't written any fanfic for that series yet (mostly cause I haven't written fanfic of any kind in awhile), but I may have to pop that cherry. Not gonna go into much detail right now because it's 0430 and I really need sleep, but damn. Holy freaking damn.

On a lighter note, a good friend of mine from Austin was posting about ArmadilloCon on Facebook. The deadline for their Writer's Workshop has just been extended to the 20th and I suddenly want to go like burning. Honestly, the only thing holding me back right now (besides making sure I can get the time off) is the hotel. She just moved so can't put me up and the conference hotel is out of conference rates. $159 per night for three nights. I'd go in on Thursday for the Workshop Friday morning because I know myself and early mornings. They don't happen unless I've been volun-told and I'm getting paid time and a half.

The good news is someone posted to the FB page asking for roommates and I just messaged her. Hopefully she'll get back to me tomorrow. Cause if she got the conf rate, that would only be ~$54 per night. Failing that, there's a LaQuinta a block away that's $79 per night. Sadly, I worked at a LaQ in college so I know what their standards are, but I've also worked at a Hampton, Fairfield and Staybridge and know what *their* standards are. Mo' money does not always mean cleaner sheets and I always take my own towel. Fat girls like me do not fit in those bitty little hotel towels.

With any luck, I'll be around nerds for a whole weekend at the end of July. My people!! And I have a short story that I really want to get workshopped. And that means more time with even more nerds! What more could a girl ask for?
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So I sort of accidentally drifted away from fandom for...a long time. I mean, I've remained fandomish and lurked on the edges of Twitter and most recently Tumblr and I still troll through AO3 on a regular basis. But I'd gotten out of fandom as a community. Part of that I blame on fandom leaving LJ and not really going anywhere that I felt comfortable following but most of it I blame on me being super shy and not feeling comfortable really clipping myself onto someone or a group and letting them lead me to wherever.  I'm still not super comfortable with that but I really want to try.

So I signed up for [community profile] pod_together .  Because why wait?  Also I've done that before and I'm okay with interacting with a few people.  I figure over the next few days I'll probably start poking through people's profiles trying to find where they hang.  Because I can be super creepy that way.  Oops?

With that said, I'm also getting into crochet and sort of quilting.  I say sort of because it's been tricky to sit down at the machine.  I lived in Austin for two and a half years and there was a Nerdy Knitting group there (obviously they were cool with crochet, too) that met up at my coffee shop and I'm really sad that I missed the chance to be nerdy with them.  I'm back in the hell that is my hometown and there's nothing like that here.  Although at work we do have a group of us who I've started affectionately calling the Crochet Mafia but I'm the only nerdy one of the bunch.

Anyway...that's the state of me.  In all my sad little lurker glory.  I think it's time for bed now.

So I've made my way over here to Dreamwidth. I'm still not sure how much original stuff is going to happen over here or if things are just going to get crossposted for awhile. Mostly, I just wanted there to be a post so that my journal is made up of more than just links to elsewhere.

I plan to play with things more once I get done with school here in 2-ish weeks.

Also, going from 105 icons to 6 is really freaking hard!


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